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Adjunct EMDR Therapy

If you have been in traditional therapy but feel your progress has halted, Adjunct EMDR Therapy might be an option to help move treatment forward.  Adjunct EMDR Therapy can help with issues  –such as single incident trauma or simple phobias –that have interfered with your therapeutic gains.

How does Adjunct EMDR Therapy Work? 

I partner with you and your primary therapist on identification of a specific memory, issue, or limiting belief that is keeping the treatment from moving forward. By narrowly targeting specific traumatic memories or intrusive material, brief Adjunct EMDR Therapy can accelerate progress in traditional therapy.

Adjunct EMDR therapy does not replace or interrupt ongoing therapy –it is a brief supplement to the primary therapeutic relationship. With Adjunct EMDR therapy, you are able to continue to receive treatment with your primary therapist.

How many sessions for Adjunct EMDR Therapy?

Adjunct EMDR Therapy is scheduled in an intensive format and is considered a short-term form of therapy.  You can expect to spend approximately 4 to 6 (3-hour) sessions.

How do I start Adjunct EMDR Therapy? 

If you or your primary therapist feel Adjunct EMDR therapy would be beneficial to help move treatment forward, you may submit a request an appointment. Before your first appointment, you will be asked to sign a release of information so that I am able to coordinate services with your primary therapist.

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