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EMDR Consultation Overview

EMDR Consultation with a Consultant-in-Training is one of the best ‘next steps’ for clinicians who have completed Basic Training to gain proficiency and mastery of the standard protocol and strengthen their professional status by becoming EMDRIA Certified therapists. 

Benefits of Working with an EMDR CIT

  • Ability to provide up to 15 hours of consultation towards your certification.*
  • Smaller group size equals more opportunities to present cases or answer individual questions. 
  • An EMDR Consultant-In-Training (CIT) reduces their standard hourly rate which means savings for you.  
  • Individual and group consultation groups to fit your needs. 

What to Expect 

As a consultee, you can expect to grow your knowledge and understanding of the standard protocol through an attachment lens in a safe and supportive environment as we cover: 

  • The use of 8 phases of EMDR Therapy 
  • The AIP model and 3-pronged protocol
  • EMDR treatment planning and case conceptualization 
  • Target selection and sequencing 
  • Client readiness 
  • Complex PTSD and dissociation with EMDR protocol
  • Integration of the protocol into specific cases 
  • Working through blocks with complex cases
  • Handling abreaction and stuck points during processing 
  • Integration of EMDR therapy into consultee clinical setting
  • Feedback and guidance on case presentations 
  • Consultee process (burnout, blocks, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma) 
  • Address any other questions that arise during EMDR sessions


EMDR Group Consultation Series: May to September 2023

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