Trauma Therapy and Professional Services

Opening Hours : Monday to Thursday - 10am to 4pm
  Contact : 3162028549

Rates & Insurance


Traditional Therapy Services

  • Initial Intake and Psychiatric Diagnostic Assessment  (55 minutes ) – $225
  • Psychotherapy Sessions
    • Individual Therapy (55 minutes) – $200 per session
    • Individual Therapy (45 minutes) – $155 per session
    • Individual Therapy (30 minutes) – $135 per session

Specialized Therapy Services*

  • EMDR Intensive Therapy is billed at $155 per hour with a two-hour minimum.
    • EMDR Intensive Half-Day (4 hours) – $620
    • EMDR Extended (3 hours) – $465
    • EMDR Extended (2 hours) $310
  • Hypnotherapy
    • Hypnotherapy Intake and Assessment  (120 minutes) – $232

*Specialized services and extended therapy sessions are not covered by insurance and are considered self-pay.

Insurance Accepted

If you choose to use your insurance for therapy services, the following insurances are accepted:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Out of Network

It is essential to verify benefits and out-of-pocket expenses with your insurance company before scheduling your initial appointment.

Private Pay (Self-pay)

Many clients who have insurance often choose to opt out of using insurance benefits for various reasons including; high deductibles, privacy, and fewer restrictions in therapy -only to name a few.  If you choose Private Pay, you may use the following:

  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Flex Spending Accounts
  • Visa, Mastercard, and Cash

No Surprises Billing Act

Beginning January 1, 2022 healthcare providers must provide uninsured and self-pay clients with a written document with a “Good Faith Estimate”.  If you prefer to opt out of using insurance OR if you do not have insurance, you have the right to request a “Good Faith Estimate” for the anticipated cost of services.