EMDR Therapy and Consultation Services

Opening Hours : Monday to Thursday 10:00am - 3:00pm
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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy for Women 

Are you struggling with relationship conflicts, uncontrollable or overwhelming emotions, low self-esteem, or critical self-talk? Or perhaps you have been struggling with the negative impact of trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder and are wondering if you will ever feel better.  The short answer is yes.

There is Hope

I work with women who struggle with distressing life events such as divorce, grief, loss, and career changes; overwhelming or uncontrollable emotions such as depression and anxiety.  I also work with women who are struggling with unhealed trauma and PTSD including childhood trauma, domestic violence, physical assault, and sexual trauma using EMDR therapy.

What to Expect 

The overall goal of individual therapy is to provide short-term treatment using EMDR Therapy to address your specific treatment goal.  You can expect to meet 1-2 times a week for approximately 3 months up to 6 months.

Because our time together will be short-term, our sessions will not look like the traditional “talk therapy”.  We will be intentional and focused on a specific goal so that you can find relief from distressing issues sooner than later.

Are You Ready for Healing?

It will be my privilege to work with you.

If you are wanting to use insurance benefits for therapy, Christina accepts Blue Cross and Blue Shield.